Want to change insurance companies? Here are the steps to ensure a smooth process with no lapse in coverage:

  1. Start shopping around for the insurance and coverage you like. Once you have found a new insurance company, connect us with your new insurance agent. We need to provide them information so they can produce an accurate insurance binder that fits both our and your coverage needs.
  2. Once we receive an acceptable binder, your new insurance company will need to receive the premium to put your new insurance in place.
    • if your current policy effective date renews within 45 days, and we have not already paid the renewal to your old insurance company, we will pay your new insurance the annual premium.
    • if your policy renews outside of the 45 day window, you will need to advance the premium. You’ll want to cover the period until you are within the 45 day window of when we can pay the premium.
  3. Once your new policy is in place and premium paid, its time to contact your old insurance company to cancel your old policy – and hopefully receive a refund! Remember to not leave a gap in the ‘effective date’ of your insurance. This could impact the coverage (and cost) by your new insurance company and expose you to risk in the period you don’t have coverage.

Please contact us with ANY questions