First, we believe a house is more than just a building to stores your belongings. Your house is your home. Owning a home provides stability and security, both physical and financial. When you own a home, you are no longer subject to rent increases or short lease terms….AND your home cannot be sold out from under you. Rental home inventory is extremely low and as you know, rents are high, making renting financially uncomfortable for many families.

Second, home prices are only expected to rise in the near future.  YES, you can say that wasn’t the case in 2008-2010, but the variables that led up to that period in housing are no longer in the equation.  Supply vs. demand, cheap interest rates, rising population, demand has never been stronger for suburban (even rural) homes.  For prices to fall, there would need to be big drop in population, a sharp rise to interest rates, low inflation, etc.  We may have 5+ years of home prices RISING for all the reasons above.

A Good Deed’s contract for deed process will allow you to buy a home and start building a future with your family – now!

Caveat – If a buyer will qualify for a mortgage within a few months and can maintain their present housing until then, it makes financial sense to wait to purchase a home with a mortgage. A Good Deed Contract for deed is ideal for homebuyers who need 5 months to 5 years before a mortgage is possible.