After you notify your insurance agent/company AND start your claim, please email us too!

Although insurance claims are handled differently since you are on a contract for deed, know that all the insurance proceeds will be used to pay contractors, reimburse material expenses OR be applied towards your contract balance (in that order).  There are no funds disbursed directly to you.  Here are some helpful tips:

  • Please email us the claim paperwork you receive.  We need this to administer any funds that come in.  We are not contractors or insurance experts, so although we may have referrals for contractors (and insurance companies), we are just involved to make sure the repairs are done and contractors are paid.
  • Insurance claim checks will likely be made out to you AND us AND possibly our bank too
    • There are many parties with a financial interest in the property while on a contract for deed, so the tracking of the claim, work performed and disbursement of funds is accurately tracked.
  • If the check is made out only to YOU, we are not involved in administering the funds.  You are required to make the necessary repairs within 90 days unless we confirm via email the repair is unnecessary.
  • If the check is made out to more than just you, please endorse the check and mail to us
    • Mail to PO Box 1361, Minnetonka, MN  55345
    • Funds will be held in our trust account and disbursed accordingly based on the info below
  • After you choose a licensed contractor to repair the damage, please email us the estimate
    • Lets both confirm the claim and estimate are aligned to repair all covered damage
    • We will then mail YOU the check to give to the contractor you hired, when you are ready to
      • We also recommend you get a lien waiver from your contractor that confirms they have been paid for the work they contracted with you
  • Remember, you may be out your deductible when all the repair work is finalized.
  • Please keep us updated on the repair progress
  • There may be additional insurance checks for this claim that follow.  Please follow information above depending on how the checks are made out.

Any unused insurance claim proceeds will be applied towards your contract balance.

Please contact us at 952-417-9000 with ANY questions