REALTORS play a key role in A-Good-Deed’s contract for deed program

All contract for deed buyers MUST be represented by either a Realtor or attorney. Since attorneys usually don’t have access to the MLS or show homes to buyers, Realtors are the industry experts with respect to current market conditions, specific property valuation analysis and offer strategy.  As with traditional market terms, realtors are paid a commission for their role of exclusive representation of the contract for deed buyer.

There are two transactions in the A Good Deed contract for deed process. In the first transaction, A Good Deed purchases the property from the seller or builder. Shortly after buying the property, A Good Deed sells the property to your client on a contract for deed.

Realtors receive 100% of the MLS commission

Will your client qualify for A Good Deed contract for deed?

The answers to a few simple questions will help clarify if A-Good-Deed is an appropriate match for your clients.  In general, buyers with 10%+ down payment, who have reasonable monthly debts in comparison to their income AND who have a plan to qualify for a mortgage within 5 years are great starting qualifications.  Please contact us to discuss the details, otherwise your responses to these quick questions will help us provide you specifics for your client:

Will my client be a good fit for a Contract for Deed?